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Feeling exhausted, disconnected, or overwhelmed? 

Return to nature and reclaim inner balance, peace, and self love

Come play in the woods with us! On this 4-day camping retreat for female-bodied folks, tune in to what you need most. All offerings are intended to guide you into deeper intimacy with your body, spirit, others and the natural world. Embodiment practices provide deep relaxation, intentional sisterhood, emotional processing, quiet contemplation, and immersion in nature.


Choose from pricing options that offer all-inclusive camping gear and campsite set up, or bring your own equipment. 

*Limited to 16 Participants* 

Have questions about what it could look like for you to attend Earth Return? Let's chat! Click here to fill out a contact form or email us directly at

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What is Vessoul Vistas?

Welcome to Vessoul Vistas! We are a team of wanderers creating spaces for connection, contemplation, healing and exploration. As divine souls having a human experience, we are here to fully embrace all life has to offer. From this intention, we offer events, services and media content that speak to the whole person, body and soul. Everyone's story is important, and sometimes magic can bloom from the most unexpected places. We embrace this mystery and lean into joy, pleasure, freedom and peace that comes from exploring our inner truth. Many fundamental truths about life are felt or sensed rather than understood by the mind, and we honor each person's unique path regardless of beliefs. So we invite you to join us in the deep dives and the dance parties as we return home to ourselves.

The great cosmic joke? We never left.

Vessoul Vision

No guru, no method, no teacher

Tune in to hear Claire and Julie discuss the magic and science of energy, frequency, healing, spiritual growth, and a boatload of practical tips for remembering who we are as perfect expressions of divine love. Raw and unedited, the authentic, hilarious conversations between these two friends will make you laugh, maybe surprise you, and hopefully leave you with truths you can play with and apply to your life.


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